Being a consistent part of streetwear, caps are an essential accessory. Wearing caps give you the freedom for that additional personal style. And they are back! Throwing it back to the ’90s, your coolest possession is giving you another opportunity to look contemporary and sporty at once, again!

Having them in different colors and textures will make an overall look that would be dull without it. It is also apparent, maybe the first thing that people will notice when they see you, which means you will be catching some attention there! Layer your dress with whatever you want to, what hat you will make you stand out from the crowd.

With streetwear craze growing each day, a lot of brands have released their hats with different types and styles. That way, you keep them in mind because of their creativity and aesthetics portrayed on something other than tees or hoodies. Trendy among streetwear hats are baseball caps. You must have seen celebrities donning them, and to be honest; they effortlessly add fashionable to you! Moreover, choosing a baseball cap means you are selecting a pretty convenient option to look cool without doing much.

A little bit of History (won’t bore you!)

Evidently, its origin goes back to baseball. It was Brooklyn Excelsior’s in 1860 who brought it in. Later, it became essential in terms of identification of teams and, well, putting sun off the skin. As people got more exposed to televisions, baseball caps caught attention and made their way into fashion.

However, having a variety of options available, styling it can sometimes be tricky. Hence, go for the ones that are common and classic. Our top two picks are snapbacks and sport caps (surprisingly, they are different).

The Snapback

Getting its name from the adjustable strap at the back, and a flat peak, it doesn’t fail in giving a hip-hop, urban and casual look. It comprises of a six-panel construction and a structured design, providing a unique look. It comes in different texts, designs, or prints at the front. You can go for the one with a team logo, or something with a minimal design.

The Sports Cap

Sports brands play a vital role in bringing sports caps to the front. With minimalistic design on it, it’s plain with an adjustable buckle at the back. With their simple style, sports caps quickly made their way from being limited to sports, luxury, and streetwear accessory. Today, people having less-is-more preferences add sports caps in their daily outfits.

Baseball caps are a great item to protect yourself from the burning sun, hide your hair on a bad hair day, and keeping it smart-casual throughout the year. So, get it out from your closet, elevate your cap game and rule the streets!