From wearing tracksuit bottoms replacing jeans to opting athleisure as a go-to, it looks as if it’s more of a trend which is not going away anytime soon.

Athleisure trend is a significant part of streetwear, allowing many retailers to adopt from the hip culture and pay close attention to what the consumers are asking. Matt Powell, a senior sports industry analyst with The NPD Group Inc. thinks that the trend will be around the corner for a long time. He adds, “I often get asked whether the bubble around leisure will burst anytime soon, and the answer is no.”

As our busy life demands more and more practicality, it gives rise to the athleisure trend. It dominates the runway, transforming performance wear into daily-wear. The line between the outfits you wear to your work-out and lunch is blurring, and the brands are utilizing this vagueness to the highest level. The statistics show a dynamic increase in the athleisure industry by 42% in the last seven years and is expected with further growth of 30% by 2020.

By combining your fashion wear with activewear, such as sneakers and crop tops, you don’t feel the need to change outfits now and then. You can head out for a movie in the same clothes you wore to the gym and still manage the stylish yet chic look.

The blend of casual sportswear and urban wear giving the athleisure trend arise is why it is now considered as a fashion industry movement. With the market shifting towards a fitness inspired fashion, sneakers as an athleisure trend are the most important that continue to increase. A wide variety of sneakers are coming out by different retailers and serve as the central display in the store window. Many athletic brands have been making advancements by launching more lightweight, waterproof, and breathable products in their collection.

More than just a trend, it also reflects lifestyle changes. From choosing just fashion to now comfort as well, it is a platform where both go hand in hand. This choice by so many consumers may not let the hot trend cool soon.

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