We all are aware that streetwear has become mainstream now and no doubt an accepted trend which people love following. People are choosing more logical options like trainers instead of shoes, and tees instead of dress shirts. As this style has no guidelines to follow, giving you the freedom to add your personal touch, try to make the most of it!

Here we have some favorite street style trends right from the streets that men can effortlessly slay.

  • Exciting layering

You think bold colors make you look tacky? Or it’s a sin to wear a summery printed shirt in other seasons? Wrong! Because the most followed trend, today suggests the opposite. The streetwear fans are changing that perception by adding color wherever they go.

Now when you head out next, try layering your outfit that catches attention. Grab a bright hoodie, a bold jacket, a colorful trench coat, basically anything that gives out a hip-hop vibe.

  • Light wash denim

Let’s talk about the life of streetwear style – denim!

The light wash denim may be out-of-date, but it’s back for all the right reasons and all the streetwear fans are styling it in new ways. Moving away from a fitted pair to wearing it loose and with a straight fit, allows more balance and comfort and a lot of brands have taken this shift for growth. It is a perfect escape from the monotonous raw denim and gives a fresh look.

Light wash denim is loaded with style and will be that one item in your wardrobe to always give you the swag for its perpetual appropriateness.

  • Scarves

People who think scarves and streetwear don’t go together should rethink that opinion. Also, never ever think that it is a feminine piece to own!

Pairing outfits with scarves not only gives a contemporary feel but speaks power. Trust me; you can rock anything you wear by donning it with trendy scarves. They are majorly celebrated in the streetwear in originating a highly appealing and a fresh look.

A man with a good sense of streetwear style is versatile and he does not forget his personal style. He throws it back to the best of the past by adding contemporary style to it. He can pull off any color and any shape, without spoiling it. Our man is no doubt experimental with his wardrobe – and you should not be afraid to imitate his style!