Who would all like to take a movie to avoid the sweaty calves this summer? I am sure, everyone. Then let’s have a chat about shorts!

To attract the younger generation towards the street aesthetic, designers are trying to create apparel according to their likes. Their shift from focusing on casual clothing calls for more of a hip-hop, urban, street style. Now streetwear is a perfect chance for all to stay in touch with on-going trends and changes and to know what’s really happening out there on the streets. And speaking of trends and streets, let’s get our shorts on for a day out today!

Deciding what kind of shorts to wear can sometimes be a tricky task to do. Moving on to our favorite styles of shorts this season: the first thing to keep in mind is, shorts means that it will be short – meaning it will not be going down till the knee. If it is, you fail at aesthetics.

Un-imaginable Fit of Chino or Tailored Shorts

As it is less time-consuming in just grabbing any pair of jeans from the wardrobe and putting them on, this time let’s think style and comfort together by choosing some chino or tailored shorts. They are definitely the ones to wear every occasion! This versatile choice can even be worn in warmer months and for daily use. They can be dressed up with a neatly ironed shirt for parties, picnics and all kinds of outings! This sophisticated look can quickly turn heads around if paired with a blazer.

Denim Shorts

Ask about a popular choice in shorts this season for a classic casual look, and I will say denim!

They are durable, comfortable, and keep you ventilated all day – keep them an inch above the knee-length! Imagine wearing it with an oversized sweatshirt, or that baseball cap that everyone is drooling over these days, and woah, you’d be killing it!

As much loved they are, they are a fit for all sorts of hangouts. And with so many types and colors of denim available, you can always choose the one you like the most and put anything above it to get the casual-cool-summer-look.

Sports Shorts

Now that all types of styles that we would have never thought about a few years ago are at high rise and widely acceptable, sports shorts have become a thing – and we are loving it. They make it so manageable to look stylish!

The look can be completed with something as plain and basic, (and trust me with this) never-getting-boring – a simple t-shirt. But if you like your outfits colorful and bright, wear it with a bold color jacket or shoes!

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