Let’s talk about distressed denim, drop catch joggers, layered parkas, chest rigs, caps and sneakers, and high-tops. Although you’ll never admit it, but Kanye West would be one of the first people to pop on your mind when speaking of streetwear. His snapbacks and jogger pants do speak a lot!

Being as old as 40 years, streetwear fashion is not a new occurrence. It’s just recently that the aesthetic has made its way to establishing retail brands which are now the hottest part of the industry. Taking surf culture to the luxury markets, streetwear has made a tremendous impact on the fashion industry. Yes, it surprises me too how one small fashion movement entirely revolved our dressing choices and tastes.

Originally, streetwear was just meant to provide skateboarders and fans of surf culture convenient clothing in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from both skate and surf, and all sorts of art and pop culture, with a whole lot of attitude and style, is what streetwear basically is. Within skateboarding and hip-hop circles, that look caught a lot of attention in LA, making it a trend.

But for the last few years, it’s rise has been storyline and clothes everywhere are getting more casual, which is compelling more demand among people. That is where the change in culture and fashion start. In streetwear fashion, your outfit will speak for itself. There are absolutely no restrictions when opting for it; hence, we will find longline cuts, dropped crotches, and loose fittings to act and walk freely on the streets.

Be creative. Think patterns. Think colors. Put on a tank top; you want to tuck it or not, your choice, pair it with some denim shorts, walk freely and let the shape of your outfit express your style! Streetwear brands are not trying to make products appealing; they are making what their customers want to use when they go out.

The thing about streetwear is that you amalgamate different elements for comfort and can wear it anywhere, giving you a feeling that you are wearing quality clothes without investing too much in it. Fashion is based mostly on aesthetic, but in this case, functionality was kept in mind; hence, the style made it to the masses.

Now for all the simplicity and comfort we have today, let’s take a moment to thank Shawn Shussy, who must be given credit for the streetwear movement. He shaped surfboards and wanted them to have a unique look. He was influenced by the punk aesthetic which showed in his work through rebellion and distinctive graphics. He later started a line of clothing with his graphics and logos, and today, here we are – taking style from what was created years ago. All the streetwear brands we see today and fall in love with, wouldn’t have existed without hi

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