About Us

A Brand for the Urban Nomads.

Casually Dominant.

Words, they’re funny things. For example: did you know ‘terrific’ originally described something that caused terror? Or that ‘awful’ meant something was worthy of awe? Probably not. In the past times, streetwear involved something racketeering or a little bit ‘flashier.’ Now in the modern world, streetwear and urban wear has changed entirely and is contemporary. It has become armor for visualizers, gamers, artists, geniuses, and rebels. Streetwear in recent times has made it ways off the streets and onto the fashion runaways globally. There is no doubt that streetwear has had a significant influence on the world of fashion. Streetwear is, by definition, a style of clothes that meant to be worn on the street. Characterized often by oversized garments, graphics logos, sneakers, hoodies, and other casual pieces, it’s not usually what most would consider work-appropriate. As streetwear gains in mainstream popularity, it is also reaching areas like corporations and tech-firms.

We at Revel Nation is based in Los Angeles, California, are becoming a part of this fashion moment and are providing out-of-the-box contemporary urban and streetwear.

About the Nation

Welcome to Revel Nation, the terrific streetwear brand is providing premium quality clothing and accessories for the urban nomads. Revel Nation produces original and unique artistic designs with quality fabrics that helps all its consumers stand out from the crowd. Revel Nation takes the ultimate pride in being the providence of premium quality casual and streetwear for men, women, and kids and has integrated itself into the core fabrics of the modern fashion and streetwear industry. Revel Nation aims to become one of the most rebellious and iconic streetwear and casual wear brands in America by revamping fashion and urban-wear dynamics. All our products are based on fashion concepts and unique styles that aim to make a statement by being subtle yet powerful. We use only the best fabrics and premium quality materials to deliver the best value to all our customers and patrons. We exist for the love of casual fashion and the frugality of premium and unique clothing.